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Established in 1988, Grothman & Associates is one of the leading land surveying firms serving southern Wisconsin. At Grothman & Associates, we serve both publi- and private-sector organizations providing the highest level of professional knowledge and expertise available. In addition, we incorporate the latest technology including robotics and global positioning satellite systems (GPS) in order to assure the efficiency and accuracy of our work.

Grounded in Tradition

At Grothman & Associates we are thoroughly grounded in the traditions of our profession. Many of our surveyors have achieved the presitgious designation of Registered Land Surveyor. This designation now requires a land surveying degree, several years of field experience, and passing a rigorous examination administered by the State of Wisconsin. Our Registered Surveyors know far more than the mechanics of surveying. They understand and have mastered the complexities of boundary work and are qualified to handle the most challenging projects.

Grothman & Associates,S.C.  Land Surveyors
Mariah's Pines - Portage, WI: Subdivision planning and neighborhood building that fits terrain, landscape, and vegetation.

A Leader In Adapting New Technology To Traditional Surveying Techniques

While carefully preserved traditions guide practice, modern technology has improved the accuracy and efficiency of surveying. The introduction of global positioning satellite technology, GPS, enables surveyors to establish a higher standard of accuracy than ever before. In addition, modern innovations such as robotics simplify complex projects and save time.

At Grothman & Associates, we are a leader in adapting new technology to traditional surveying techniques. We were one of the first in the area to adapt modern surveying technology including GPS and robotics. We will continue to adopt new technologies that can improve our accuracy and efficiency.

For accurate, precise, survey professionals, look no further than Grothman & Associates. We offer the right balance of traditional survey techniques and modern surveying technology. To find out how Grothman & Associates can assist you, contact us at (608) 742-7788, or fill out our easy-to-use on-line Request For Information form.

Grothman & Associates,S.C.  Land Surveyors
Portage Levee Project: Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Portage flood control project.

Grothman & Associates,S.C. Land Surveyors GROTHMAN & ASSOCIATES, S.C.
P.O. Box 373, 625 E. Slifer
Portage, WI 53901
(608) 742-7788

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