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Subdivision Design & Mapping

A Subdivision allows the creation of any number of lots. The primary use of a subdivision is for residential, commercial or industrial developments. Subdivisions are regulated by State Statutes and reviewed by state and local governmental agencies. The process for preparing a subdivision is generally done in steps.

The first step is a design concept which centers on the developers market desires and parameters dictated by local ordinances. This step is followed by the second and third steps, which are the preliminary and final plats of the subdivision. Each of these steps requires reviews and approvals or objection from local municipal governments and the State Department of Administration. Following the approval processes the Final Plat with all the detailed dimensional information is recorded at the Register of Deeds.

The subdivision plat contains not only the lots, but road dedications, various types of easements, building setbacks, flood plain information and other pertinent data to the buyer. Many subdivisions have covenants designed to protect the buyer’s property value.

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